Premium Lines

An easy way to bill for content.

Serve your customers content via Premium Rate Telephone Lines and charge them per minute or per call. Common for Technical Support, Competitions, Chat or Clairvoyant services. Great pay-out rates!


Games via IVR

TV Quizzes, Internet Trivia?

Operating e.g. TV games overseas and thinking of starting on the Australian market? We definitely have to talk. We route to your platform via SIP or Geo - and offer one of the highest payout rates on the market.


Micro Payments

Monetise your content now!

We will work with you in creating additional revenue streams for your content. Choose from our selection of existing payment models or devise your own.


Software Solutions

Running a contact center?

We can help you with all your call center needs - from software to the hardware. Our propriety state-of-the-art contact center is at the top of its game.


Bespoke Idea?

You'll get the complete package.

No matter what your demands are, we will supply you with a tailor-made solution that best reflects your product requirements, without breaking the bank!

"Powercom’s live reporting site is very impressive, affording me excellent insights into the effectiveness of my marketing efforts! I owe you all a beer!"

Hans W., Berlin

"My 1902 service was up-and-running in 2 days – without any of the rigmarole required with larger telcos!"

James, Brisbane

"A fun bunch that provided me with a great white-labeled platform."

Ritzger, Ireland

"An Innovative way of capitalizing on our content. Highly recommended! "

Estrella, Barcelone

Share your idea – Make it happen.

We think that mastering complexity is just a matter of time.

Could your product benefit from a purpose built App to enable customers to access your content easily?
Do you require a robust call-centre that meets & exceeds regulatory requirements in your area?
Do you wish to communicate with your customers via SMS?
Would you like us to handle your telephony traffic?
Do you wish to start your own 190X Service?

Whatever your requirements may be, we are all ears! Get in touch with us to discuss
one of our turn-key solutions, an adaptation, or realisation of your idea from the
ground up! We look forward to working with you!

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