1902 Starter Package

Setting up a 190x service needn’t be a hassle!

Let us know what you would like to do! Whether you would like to capitalise on your astrology skills, get paid for the advice you give, or one of our most common requests, you’re thinking about starting an entertainment service for adults, Powercom has a solution for you.

This is typically what you need:
– Content, recorded or live operators (agent);
– 190x number;
– Business name registration for usage in advertisements and help-desk;
– Telecom Grade equipment and IVR’s as well as internal infrastructure;
– Direct connection to the Telstra backbone/network, via E1’s or On-ramps.

Going Live.
Before going live, your service needs to be registered and vetted, ensuring that it meets all the legal and industry requirements. You will also need to ensure that your advertising meets the guidelines overseen by the OFLC and ACMA.

Difficult? Help is on the way.

We can supply you with the IVR, the technical infrastructure and compliance guidance. All you need to do is provide the content, details of where incoming calls should be connected to, and of course, your marketing.

Our 190x starter package starts from AUD 89.00 per month (plus setup costs) and our pay-out rates are unrivaled in the industry: up to 80%! We can get up-and-running in under 2 business days.

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