P-SMS and Carrier Direct Billing

Premium SMS / Carrier Direct Billing Payment Solutions for content delivery

Would you like to charge customers for access to your website? How about digitising a print magazine for mobile and charging users for access? Would you like to monetise the games or quizzes you currently offer your customers? Perhaps you would like to charge a weekly membership fee for the content you offer?

An effective way of charging customers for your content or participation is to use one-off or subscription-based billing via Premium SMS (PSMS) or Carrier Direct Billing (CDB).

Charge your customer per minute of content usage or per “content-unit”

We have developed a billing method that allows you to deliver content to your customers’ phone and charge them using a combination of a web-interface and PSMS. The solution is currently in use with a mobile webcam platform. The user ‘cams’ with an agent, and at pre-set times a message box appears, prompting the user to extend the cam session by clicking ‘OK’. This triggers a message to be delivered to the users phone where they are billed via PSMS.

A variation of this may also be used to charge customers per unit of content, for instance a video-clip that is served to the user via an online portal. Any video that the user watches will trigger a billing.

But let’s not get too fluffy here, the bottom line is that deploying a combination of PSMS and CBD allows you to charge your online and offline customers in ways that you may not have considered.

Get in touch with us and find out how you can make use of our range of billing models!