More on 190x Premium Rate Services

Powercom can provide your business with a premium rate number that is available for use anywhere in Australia. It allows you to generate revenue by charging people that call your number. The tariffs assigned to premium rate numbers are either ‘timed’ (per minute) and range from AUD $0.55 to $5.50 per minute, or ‘fixed’ (per call) that range from AUD $0.55 to $35.00 per call.

Telstra is the only Australian telecom that offers this product (Telstra InfoCall) in the Australian market. The InfoCall product is only available via selected dealers or re-sellers.

The caller is billed via their telephone account, and on a monthly basis the charges on the 190x number are collected by Telstra. After deducting collection, network, connection, service and call fees, non-telecom charges and bad debt provisions, Telstra transfers the remaining sum to its InfoCall dealer network.

IMPORTANT: Types of services allowed.
You may assign almost any type of service you can imagine. However, ¬†‘Sex-Services’ or ‘Sex-Lines’ are not permitted on the 1900 and 1902 number ranges. For those who wish to offer these services they must do so via the 1901 range of numbers. This is a ‘closed user group’: callers who wish to access this special range, are required to ‘opt-in’ by having their identity and age verified in person at a Telstra shop.

Flirty content services, phone cafe-type or fun and dating services are allowed on the 1900/1902 range. The content on these services as well associated marketing collateral are monitored ¬†regularly¬†by ‘mystery shoppers’.

Turn-key Solutions
We have a variety of turn-key solutions to choose from, such as:
Technical Support
Directory Inquiries
Customer Service
Service Announcements
Diplomatic Services
Chat & Dating Services
Clairvoyant & Physic Services

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