IVR Platform / Call Centre App

IVR / IVVR Platform with Integrated Call-Centre Functionality

Powercom can supply you with any infrastructure you may need for your recorded or live content. Voice prompts may also be adapted to your needs. Whether you require a simple reception function with dial-out to a single agent, or you wish to sub-contract multiple layers of agents, or overflow functionality, our software and technology has the capacity and robustness to do so.

Premium Services Compliant Help-desk

The regulatory demands of running Premium SMS or Carrier Direct Billing are very rigid, and non-compliance with these regulations may run the risk of ‘Emergency Escalations’ at carrier level. Effectively this may mean that your service may being suspended, including your pay-outs.

A simple deficiency such as a help-desk not answering an incoming customer call with the correct company name has, in the past, lead to suspension of services by the three major Australian carriers. Don’t let this happen to you – Powercom has developed a solution that renders such regulatory nightmares redundant, and offers the most technologically advanced and comprehensive customer experience on the Australian market today. Our services are flexible and competitively priced – there is a package that will suit your needs.

Call-Centre App

Powercom has developed an APP for iOS and Android that may be integrated with any existing call-centre environment displaying which agents are available and typical queuing times – bringing personality back to an increasingly anonymous and impersonal call-centre experience. All embedded telephone numbers within the APP operate using click-to-call functionality. Further, each consultant/agent may be displayed with his or her specialty, rate and more. Combine this with a variety of billing models and the sky really is the limit when it comes to the potential of this product.

Such is the flexibility of the technical backbone, it may be used for any circumstance where there is a customer and call-centre agent interaction, making it ideal for  horoscope lines, chat-lines or technical specialist lines.

Drop us a line and discuss your idea with us today, regardless of how complex or unattainable you may think it may be.